What is a personal concierge?

Just think of us as your personal assistant, shopper, butler and errand runner all rolled into one. Just like a hotel concierge we offer a range of assistance which could include booking a table at a restaurant through to arranging spa services. However we don’t just stop there! We can pick your dry cleaning up, get that laundry folded and fill your fridge with groceries whenever you need us to – your own personal first-class concierge service!

Who uses a personal concierge service?

Anyone that has a long list of tasks and chores but not enough time to get around to them! We cater for a range of clients but feel our errand running, personal shopping, cleaning and homecare services are especially useful to working mums, professional couples and busy families.

Is it expensive?

You can use our services as little or as much as you need. Some of our particularly busy clients may require our services multiple times within a week, whereas others may only need us around hectic periods, such as at Christmas. Our aim is to help you improve your work-life balance – A helping hand when life gets busy.

Can I meet my concierge before booking?

Absolutely. We are happy to arrange an initial consultation during which time we can establish how you could use our services. Clients that may feel apprehensive about handing over house keys could also have their mind put at rest by meeting with us first – your concierge’s full DBS certificates can be provided upon request.

Do you need a membership?

Bon Concierge offers a flexible pricing structure that does not include memberships or additional fees.

How does the pricing work?

The two pricing structures we offer are hourly packages and pay per hour. Packages are great when you have a variety of tasks that may need managing on an ongoing basis, whereas you may opt for paying hourly if you need our services as a one-off, or perhaps to trial them. Hours purchased as a package remain as credit on your account for up to 12 months, with all hours deducted through service being agreed with you beforehand. For full details on prices and structuring please view the pricing page.

How do I pay?

Hourly packages are purchased in advance directly from the pricing page by setting up a one-off direct debit with GoCardless, alternatively you may pay by Bacs instead. If paying by the hour you will be invoiced within two weeks of services being completed. Pay per hour payments can be made by Bacs, cheque or cash. If purchases of products or services are to be made on your behalf we will usually ask for the monies to be paid upfront in the first instance. Reimbursement at a later date may be negotiated for ongoing service users.

Can I book you outside of your opening hours?

We completely understand that sometimes urgent tasks can pop up unexpectedly! In such instances we will do our best to help, however we will need to charge a surcharge for out of hours work which will be agreed with you at the time of contact.

What are your opening hours?

Our working hours are: Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Which areas do you cover?

Bon Concierge predominantly covers Worthing, West Sussex and the surrounding areas. We are happy to go further afield for a slight surcharge which will cover travelling costs incurred.